Legal Services

Leah Spero provides skilled counsel in trial and appellate proceedings. Her services include:


  • representing clients as counsel-of-record, including preparing briefs and presenting oral argument
  • providing advice or assistance on other attorneys’ briefing and oral argument preparation
  • developing an amicus strategy and drafting briefs
  • preparing a petition for review/writ of certiorari and merits briefing for the California and United States Supreme Court

Trial court

  • drafting or consulting on dispositive motions and key filings, and presenting oral argument
  • assisting counsel-of-record in identifying and preserving issues for appeal
  • participating in settlement negotiations
  • evaluating whether to pursue an appeal, and initiating an appeal

Appellate proceedings differ from trial proceedings in significant ways that attorneys who are unaccustomed to practicing appeals may overlook. The issues on appeal are limited, and Leah can evaluate which of the available arguments should be pursued. Leah is attuned to the different standards of review that apply depending on whether an issue is legal or factual, or involves the trial court’s discretion, and she understands the type of arguments that are most successful on appeal.

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